Crafts and Hobbies



This group is in addition to the other craft groups that are running and is not instead of the other groups.

The Group is open to ALL portable crafts and is open to both MEN as well as WOMEN.

All Group members must follow the following rules

  • You are responsible for ALL your equipment.
  • You must keep others safe as well as yourself.
  • Any cables, extension leads etc. are your responsibility and are not supplied by the group.
  • Have FUN and be PRODUCTIVE

I hope you will come and join us. Please don’t stop going to your other craft groups, this is an additional group not a replacement of the other fabulous craft groups

So come and have the best of both worlds, and perhaps learn something new 🙂

You do not have to stay the full time but there is a kitchen for making a cuppa and a microwave to warm your lunch up or just bring sandwiches.

If you have problems with transport I am sure we can sort something out.


Pauline Worthington – 01772 600951  Email me [HERE]
Fiona Gregson – 01772 463277 Email me [HERE]


The group is meets Monthly on a Wednesday from 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM 

At :-
Northbrook Gardens
Northbrook Rd
Off Bannister Drive
PR25 2XS


(Go the CALENDAR  TAB and use “Ctrl f” enter Hobbies to show the next meetings)