How we Started

The current Leyland U3A was initiated in March 2015 by Andy Vurley asking the question on if folks in Leyland wanted a U3A, as the nearest ones were well over 5km away.
He got the idea originally in 2014 after visiting the Mawdesley U3A Group, after arranging for bowlers at Fox Lane BC to see how indoor New Age Kurling operates at the Village Hall, which Mawdesley U3A use as their main location for group interests/events. After that, he made enquiries in early 2015 with various authorities and town folk only to find that there was no U3A organisation in Leyland and felt this would be a good way to improve community spirit and create some synergy with other like minded folks.
He created a poll on and the response was very positive, so then did some local promoting and arranged a launch meeting on 15th April, at which 71 people attended and 59 completed the initial questionnaire, not a bad start!
Since then a Steering Group was formed and with support from U3A Trust members and U3A St Helens Chairperson, things progressed in time for the Inaugural meeting on 10th June 2015.
The rest will be a case of, “watch this space” and put this website down on your favourites.

Wednesday June 10 2015

This date saw the inaugural meeting of the Leyland U3A The meeting was held at Fox Lane Sports and Social club at 10:30 on a warm and sunny day. Given the weather conditions the attendance was an impressive 62 people from all walks of life.
The meeting was ably chaired by Patrick Wilson and Ruth Bartram gave an opening address on the function and history of the U3A and the organisational structure of the various groups.

There was also a poetry reading before a break was taken for refreshments, following which people signed up for the following groups…….

Art; Walking; Card Games; Reading; Cycling; Eating Out; Ukelele; Sewing

Other groups ready but with no present leader as yet are

History, Visits, Computers, Crafts, Language, Genealogy and Theatre visits.


2 thoughts on “How we Started

  1. B maddock

    Hi I’d be interested in joining,but I need to find out the bus situation,would I just turn up or do I contact someone first ,?



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