Policies & Procedures

1.0 Membership

  1. The membership year will run from 10 June 2015 to 30 June 2016 then for 12 months to 30 June every year.
  2.  Membership Fees – annual fees are £15 per annum, which includes a subscription to Central office and a magazine every 4 months.  Fees must be tendered to the membership secretary, who will issue a Membership Card.
  3. Members can join as many groups as they wish.  If a potential member turns up to a group meeting without having joined the U3A, they may attend that meeting, but must join the U3A before attending a second meeting.
  4. If a member joins between December 2016 and April 2017, they will pay fees of £8 for membership from the date of joining to 30 June 2017. If a member joins in May & June 2017, they will secure membership from the date of joining to 30 June 2018.
  5. Membership fees are not refundable.
  6. If a member has dual membership of this and another U3A a joining fee of £ 11.50 will be payable.
  7. If fees are not paid 60 days after the due date, i.e. by August 31st, membership shall be considered lapsed.

2.0 Monthly meeting

  1.  To be held on the second Wednesday of each month from 10.00am to 1.00 pm.  admission fee to be £1, including refreshments.
  2. In Principle raffles can be held when it is deemed necessary.

3.0 Groups & Group Meetings

  1.  Any equipment bought from group funds is the property of the U3A.
  2. No attendance fee will be levied if there are no There will be a flat attendance fee of £1.00 per session, to cover room hire & insurance.
  3. Group coordinators to give attendance fees to the Treasurer and keep an attendance register.
  4. Invoices for room hire and other expenses should generally be sent to the treasurer so that they can be paid by him.  Small cash payments may be made by group coordinators from fees collected.  A record of fees collected together with receipts for any expenses must be given to the treasurer.
  5. If a potential member attends a group meeting without having joined the U3A, they may attend that meeting, but must join the U3A before attending a second meeting.
  6. Each group must ensure it can cover costs of trips & speakers from group members by collecting money in advance, if required.
  7. Expenditure in excess of £25.00 must be authorised by the committee.
  8. Members must not be charged meeting fees for missed meetings

4.0 Car sharing

  1. Members travelling to a U3A event in a shared car should pay 10p per mile to the car owner to cover costs.

5.0 Committee

  1. Names of potential new committee members are to be submitted through committee members to the chairman.  The chairman will invite any suitable members to attend as an observer at the next steering committee meeting.  This to be recorded in the Policy and Procedures book/file.

6.0 Documents

  1. Once a document has been created, approved and put into circulation, a master copy is placed into our secure storage.  If that document requires future amendments then a copy should be requested.  Once editing is completed and the document is approved for circulation, it then becomes the master copy and all previous versions should be deleted.
  2. A paper copy of any official document will be stored in a file maintained by the secretary.

7.0 Security & Passwords

  1. Passwords and log in details for websites, social media and Beacon to be given to secretary, who will store them in a manually written address book.

8.0 Photography

  1. Advance permission and notice of the purpose of the image–taking must be obtained, so that people have the option not to participate.  Speaker’s permission also to be sought.