P.U.D. Club

P.U.D. Club is for Previously Unsuccessful Dieters


It started in January 2018, as an experimental alternative to the usual slimming clubs because I was fed up with :

  • losing weight every couple of years only to regain it
  • paying Slimming clubs £5-£6 a week – whether or not I attended
  • being sold expensive and unsatisfyingly tiny boxes of food
  • being made to feel like a bad person for gaining weight 2 weeks in succession
  • dreading or even avoiding meetings when I hadn’t lost weight.
  • endless rounds of applause for people I don’t know (maybe I am a bad person!)

In 2018  Like every other weight loss club, some of us (and our doctors) were delighted with the results & others have found that life, holidays, fun and day to day problems have limited our weight losses. I think we are wonderful & have the right attitude. Everyone lost some weight since joining. We love the health benefits and smaller clothes, but we think that enjoying life is much more important than losing weight.

We are delighted that no one drops out or is embarrassed to come along just because life got in the way. If we slip up, we can just start again (and again and again ……)

In 2019 we will experiment with different diets & try to walk more. e.g. A short walk after some meetings . As with everything  we do, this is optional.

Thinking of joining us?

Do you (yet again) want to lose “a couple of stone” before your holidays? Our group is for Previously Unsuccessful Dieters. It is on Tuesday mornings starting Tues 8th January at 9.45 am at Pam’s house. We switch venue if someone is on holiday)  Numbers are limited to 12 people.

If Tuesday is inconvenient, it would be  easy to set up your own P.U.D. club on a different day.     Leyland U3A will provide scales and  paperwork

What do we do !

  • Each week you weigh yourself  and write down your weight & gain or loss on a card . Share your successes or failures or don’t – it’s up to you
  • Set a target or don’t- you decide (we have been known to have a competition)
  • Have a brew, chat and sometimes sample new bought products or foods we have made
  • Bring diet sheets, books & recipes to swap & try
  • We can invite successful U3A “losers” to come & inspire us
  • Pay £1 a week . Every 10 weeks, some of the savings will be spent on a meal or trip out
  • We can set up a WhatsApp or facebook group for support and recipe swaps

We have all dieted before & know what we should do. It’s just a matter of doing it. PUD club simply offers a weekly weigh in , a way of keeping track of your weight plus a support network



Pam Carroll.-  Email me [HERE]
Gail Potts.-  Email me [HERE]


The group usually meets WEEKLY from 9:45 AM – 10:30 AM every Tuesday except for the  3rd Tuesday when we are meet 9.30AM -10.00 AM

As the meetings take place in my house, numbers are limited and it is important that you contact me (contact details above) to discuss details and venue directions.

(Check the CALENDAR  TAB and use “Ctrl f” enter PUD CLUB to show the next meeting)

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