P.U.D. Club


Do you (yet again) want to lose “a couple of stone” before your holidays? I do, so I am setting up a new group for Previously Unsuccessful Dieters. It will be on Tuesday mornings starting Tuesday 2nd January at 9.15 am at my house. Numbers will be limited to 12 people.

I am fed up of losing weight every couple of years, just to regain it, of paying Slimming clubs £5-£6 a week to be sold products, feel like a failure and to dread or even avoid meetings when I don’t lose weight.

Not sure exactly if or how this will work, but this can be established over the first couple of meetings

  • You can weigh yourself and write down your weight & gain or loss on a card each week, or get someone to do it for you –your choice
  • Share your successes or failures or don’t – it’s up to you
  • Set a target or don’t- you decide
  • Bring diet sheets, books & recipes to swap & try
  • We could ask successful U3A “losers” to come & inspire us
  • Pay £1 a week (savings) +20p for brews. Every 10 weeks, some of the savings will be spent on a luxurious pud (no custard allowed in my house) or we can go out for dessert
  • The rest of the savings to be used for a day out later in the year
  • We can set up a WhatsApp or facebook group for support and recipe swaps

We have all dieted before & know what we should do. It’s just a matter of doing it. PUD should offer a weekly weigh in , a way of keeping track plus a support network

CHOOSE TO LOSE in 2018 !!


Pam Carroll.-  Email me [HERE]
Gail Potts.-  Email me [HERE]


The group usually meets WEEKLY from 9:45 AM – 10:30 AM every Tuesday except for the  3rd Tuesday when we are meet 9.15AM -10.00 AM

As the meetings take place in my house, numbers are limited and it is important that you contact me (contact details above) to discuss details and venue directions.

(Check the CALENDAR  TAB and use “Ctrl f” enter PUD CLUB to show the next meeting)

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