The RAMBLERS section walk monthly between 4 – 6 miles of flat waking. We are starting with routes along the footpaths around Leyland at the moment.

Please be aware that :

  • You may be walking though muddy fields and paths so suitable footwear is need.
  • As we get into Autumn / Winter suitable waterproofs will be needed.
  • Sorry, but dogs will not be allowed on the walks.
  • You may have to takes breaks in Tea Rooms.
  • There will be stiles to climb.
  • You will be walking though fields containing Farm animals.
  • There will be hill to climb.
  • You will probably get fitter.
  • You may have to call into Pubs occasionally.
  • You may loose a bit of weight.
  • Please bring drinks and snacks.
  • Members are responsible for their own safety and walk at their own risk.
  • If the Walk Leader judges you to be unfit for the walk, their advice should be considered seriously.
  • Please carry contact details, in case of emergency, and you may wish to include details of any medications and allergies that paramedics would need to make note of. Also, please carry this information where it can easily be found.
  • Bring your mobile phone with you and make sure you have my mobile number in it.

If you wish to join the Rambler Group, please read, download and sign the Risk Assessment document  HERE


Roger Taylor   – 01772 379397  Email me [HERE]
Alan Fairey                                    Email me [HERE]


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