Walking for exercise and pleasure.

Our walks are in three different categories: (click on each categories for more details)

Easy – AMBLERS – Usually between 2-4 miles, fairly flat, with good paths. There may be stiles.

Moderate – RAMBLERS –  Between 4-6 miles, with the possibility of some rougher walking and up-hill stretches (but we won’t be rushing)

Challenging – SCRAMBLERS –  Over 8 miles with the likelihood of steep, rougher sections

Please Note.

  • Walking boots or stout shoes are required for all walks
  • No dogs are allowed
  • You may sign up for any walk at the monthly meeting. Lists will be available at the walking group table.
  • Please make a note of the walking leader’s telephone number and be sure to contact them if you are unable to make the walk.
  • Some walks include a cafe stop. If you would rather bring your own refreshments, please do so.


AMBLERS – Coordinator required

A Coordinator is required for the AMBLERS. If you are interested in this role please contact TERESA the Coordinator Liaison [HERE]

RAMBLERS – Roger Taylor   – 01772 379397  Email me [HERE]

SCRAMBLERSIan Barrow  – 01772 431154   Email me [HERE]

Ramblers & Scramblers Walk Log

Click HERE to read the accounts of our past walks

Next Scrambler Walk

  • September 28th 2017
  • December 7th 2017

Check out the Scrambler Page for more details

SCRAMBLERS – Ian Barrow  – 01772 431154   Email me [HERE]

Next Rambler Walk

After we had walked around Beacon Fell the consensus was that we could exert ourselves a bit more. Yesterday Sheila and I walked up to Rivington Pike. It took us nearly an hour to get to the Pike itself, the views are wonderful. we then descended to the Pigeon Loft, down through the terraced gardens and then headed north to eventually arrive at Rivington Hall Barn, before walking back to the other Barn. About 2 hours in all, plenty of aerobic exercise but not too much we feel.

Once again I suggest we meet in Tesco’s car park by the Clic and Collect (near Leyland Cross) at 10.00 AM to save taking too many cars.



Check out the Rambler Page for more details

Local Charity Walking

** Watch this space **


Please check each Category Pages for meeting points. According to our guide book a charge of 10p per mile should be given to the driver.This will save embarrassment if a driver finds himself being a chauffeur to every event. Meeting on the Tesco Car Park, (far corner near the Leisure Centre)

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3 thoughts on “Walking

  1. u3aleyland Post author

    Hi Patricia,
    At the moment we do not have a leader for the group, but we are thinking about doing a re launch but just doing a monthly walk of between 7 to 10 mile. Would you be interested in this ?
    Ian Barrow



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