Walking for exercise and pleasure.

Our walks are in three different categories: (click on each categories for more details)

Easy – AMBLERS – Usually between 2-4 miles, fairly flat, with good paths. There may be stiles.

Moderate – RAMBLERS –  Between 4-6 miles, with the possibility of some rougher walking and up-hill stretches (but we won’t be rushing)

Challenging – SCRAMBLERS –  Over 8 miles with the likelihood of steep, rougher sections

Please Note.

  • Walking boots or stout shoes are required for all walks
  • No dogs are allowed
  • You may sign up for any walk at the monthly meeting. Lists will be available at the walking group table.
  • Please make a note of the walking leader’s telephone number and be sure to contact them if you are unable to make the walk.
  • Some walks include a cafe stop. If you would rather bring your own refreshments, please do so.


AMBLERS – Coordinator required

A Coordinator is required for the AMBLERS. If you are interested in this role please contact TERESA the Coordinator Liaison [HERE]

RAMBLERS – Roger Taylor   – 01772 379397  Email me [HERE]

SCRAMBLERSIan Barrow  – 01772 431154   Email me [HERE]

Ramblers & Scramblers Walk Log

Click HERE to read the accounts of our past walks

Next Scrambler Walk

  • July 27th 2017
  • August 10th 2017
  • September 28th 2017
  • December 7th 2017

Check out the Scrambler Page for more details

SCRAMBLERS – Ian Barrow  – 01772 431154   Email me [HERE]

Next Rambler Walk

** Watch this space **

Check out the Rambler Page for more details

Local Charity Walking

** Watch this space **


Please check each Category Pages for meeting points. According to our guide book a charge of 10p per mile should be given to the driver.This will save embarrassment if a driver finds himself being a chauffeur to every event. Meeting on the Tesco Car Park, (far corner near the Leisure Centre)

Photo Gallery

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3 thoughts on “Walking

  1. u3aleyland Post author

    Hi Patricia,
    At the moment we do not have a leader for the group, but we are thinking about doing a re launch but just doing a monthly walk of between 7 to 10 mile. Would you be interested in this ?
    Ian Barrow



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